Before architectural concept strictly speaking, it is necessary to clearly identify the wishes and needs of the client as well as potential constraints (financial, legal, geographic).  Once these have been established, creation and conception can begin in earnest.

Production management

Architecture 360 is well known for adhering to time delays, something that is rare in this profession admittedly.  Good coordination and building site production management are primordial in order to ensure hand-over of the building in the quality required and within time.


Once the concept has been accepted, the work for its creation can begin.  Materials, detailing, costs, workforce and planning make up only a few elements at this stage.

BIM Technology

BIM Technology is one of the fundamental elements of architecture of the future.  Indeed BIM, or Building Information Modeling, offers a reference of all the parts, materials and all other construction elements in a single database.  Thanks to this, the job of building maintenance is made easier as well as all potential renovation work.  All our collaborators are BIM qualified and our company is one of the few in Switzerland to be able to meet all demands in this area.